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Trust & Credibility

Smartness does not imply one will get things done. Competence does not imply accountability and which in turn does not imply smartness. These attributes are neither inter-related nor do they all go hand in hand.

Respect is what you gain when you show one of the attributes. Trust & Credibility are what you gain when you exhibit positive levels of all of them. Its easy to mistake for them to be universal (i.e trust at one thing is trust everwhere), but to realise otherwise, it takes experience.

I used to believe in the complete opposite and I was never more wrong. This has been one of the biggest eye openers for me in the recent times. Time, projects, money and ideas can be saved from reckless abandon and be taken to completion in the company of right people. I wish I had known this earlier.

In all fairness, it is possible that the naive version of me, may have hindered other people and their ideas, either when they were in the works or when they pitched to involve me and that makes me cringe at myself in disbelief.

This happens more often than one might think and is not necessarily specific to IT.

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