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The anti life phase

Time and again the phase comes and goes with neither a definite time period of occurrence nor a specific period of effect. When it does come, drains the energy to the last remaining ATP molecular juices out of you, makes us behave in weird ways you otherwise would have never imagined ever before, makes us make weird resolutions and self promises which by the time we have gathered enough energy to break out of, they would have already been lost deep down the lone corners of our brain. The sense of victory makes us forget the promises made for ourselves, which in most cases effectively nullifies the self proclaimed learning which has supposedly happened.

This self destructive phase is an a-periodic cycle, which has only one aim - send us to the deepest downs that we have ever explored, teach us something, and then test us again. Its going to come again, at the most unexpected time, in the most unexpected way, even when you have planned out everything it would find another way which you have not accounted for, or in short the Murphy’s Law way, and the only thing we can do about it is be ready with our lessons thoroughly learnt.

PS : I am alive. Just off the cycle, or in ?

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