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Tetris in Javascript and Canvas

I love tetris. I have never written tetris before and I have always wanted to. Attempted it once but couldn’t figure out heads and tails of it and then left at it. I wanted to get over it. So i wrote it, in less than 4 hours (bragging rights) in JavaScript using canvas. Feel free to browse the source or Play it here


During the process I learnt how to use the javascript “with()”. Despite all the cliches around it, I feel its a pretty awesome and useful language feature. It logically made sense to use it to group statements together, especially the drawing functions.

with( stage.ctx ) {
	fillStyle = "#fff";
	fillRect( theX+1, theY+1, stage.cellSize-2, stage.cellSize-2 );

Isn’t that neater than this?

stage.ctx.fillStyle = "#fff";
stage.ctx.fillRect( theX+1, theY+1, stage.cellSize-2, stage.cellSize-2 );

Imagine doing it for 20-30 statements.

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