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Split mp3's using silence detection

3 Jul 2019

Am listening to audio for practicing dutch comprehension, which essentially consists of a collection of short sentences on repeat. However this audio is available as a single track and for the purpose of shadowing, I wanted individual mp3’s.

Enter mp3splt

Install it using brew

brew install mp3splt

Auto detect silence and split

mp3splt -s -d output_folder audio.mp3

This detects the average silence level and uses it to split.


  • -s - Split with auto detection
  • -d - Output directory

Split at specified silence volume

mp3splt -s -p th=-40 audio.mp3


  • -s - Split with parameters specified using -p
  • -p - Input parameters for -s split action
  • th - Silence threshold in dB

Split and remove silence

mp3splt -s -p rm audio.mp3


  • rm - Used in conjunction with -s and -p. Indicates silence is to be removed from the output.

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