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Of learning and attitude

Discussions are good. Debates are better. Great when they are impromptu. Awesome, when they are with people who have respectable amount of knowledge gained over many years. Splendid if it is at workplace, for it adds positive energy to the environment, and forms a perfect ground for having an intelligent conversation. The one having naive ideas gets corrected and directed. One with more knowledge knows the other persons perspective. One who has no idea, has an opportunity to learn about both the sides of the argument, that if they were to show atleast a tiny bit of interest, a pretty big IF. Its a perfect win-win-win situation to be in, if take in the right stride.

For if they aren’t, they only add up negative value to the environment, by discouraging the lower peer, passing comments around in numerous ways which certainly aren’t productive for anyone. Such people neither are interested to learn nor they suck it up. There is no excuse to not put on headphones and get cracking with their work, when they are provided with a laptop, with high speed internet, by streaming music or any other form of distractive concentration they may want, rather than whine about how much they are being distracted, without noting the fact that they are actually wasting more time by IM’ing others to pass those comments, some of which go out of the way to provoke by calling mannerless pets who are creatures unconcerned about violating their its-just-another-job bubble, as if it were equivalent to a Hiroshima attack.

One may be good at something, gets things done, and not concerned about anything else, like slaves. But slaves never change anything, not for themselves, not for others. Sure it may get them an increment, better rating, a promotion, but for what? To become a better slave? Such attitude won’t make them any better, unless they strive to learn something, something new and do something differently. A 2 year old who strives to learn is always better than a 10-year-old slave who just wants the day to end. For learners are the ones who will invent, who will change the way things are done, or perhaps even change the world.

There is no boasting or bias on my part. I don’t claim to be any better than anyone. For I know, know it well and accept it all, that I am young and most or all of the billion ideas and opinions that I have are naive. I am just trying to change that. I just want to learn, become less naive, and a better person, consume in every drop of knowledge I can find, drink it like I haven’t had a drop, for there are more things to learn in this world then we have time for, so much so that one lifetime is just not enough. If I can, I would try to help anyone with as much little as I can, the way I am being helped. And I certainly would remember to suck it up when its my turn, which I did when I got few concepts explained by a junior. Being a wannabe-[better]-person is not a bad thing. It’s an awesome thing, when effort is being made. Its not how people look at, make me feel or treat that bothers me, for I don’t give a rats ass. It’s the sometimes lame-attacking and know-it-all attitude that people show towards others in general that worries me.

Not everyone is same, definitely not. But if one is neither trying to be a better person nor letting others, let alone adding positive value, what’s the point?

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