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Stuff I learnt in 2019

26 Dec 2019

I enjoy learning new things, especialy if I am able to either build something out of it or put it to use to improve my life. Here are some things from the top of my head that I managed to learn or start learning in 2019.


Learning new technologies is a never-ending endeavour. I built at least one public-facing hobby project starting from zero with the following:

  • React Native for building iOS & Android apps * Published an iOS app with another in the works.

  • Django * Built a personal portal to track who I meet, when and how often

  • Dokku * How to setup and deploy projects with Dokku

  • VueJS * Built few personal utilities using Vue. This completely changed how I view JS

  • Basics of modern JS (ES6) * While I wrote a fair amount of Javascript a decade ago, revisiting it made me realise its an entirely new world. Touch basing this has been an uphill battle.

  • Build automation with fastlane * Android & iOS

    • React-Native apps Technology
  • Home security

  • Home automation

  • Using VPNs

  • Securing browser stack Electronics

Built at least one working thing with each of the following

  • PCB Design * Design with KiCad

    • Auto-routing
  • Design for manufacturing * BOMs

  • SMD soldering

  • ESP8266s / NodeMCU * Programming

    • Components on NodeMCU/Lolin boards
    • Using bare ESP8266
  • ATTiny85 * Using deep sleep mode

  • Simple Diodes

  • Voltage dividers

  • Voltage regulators

  • Voltage step-up circuits

  • PIR sensors circuits Personal

  • Swimming! * Dutch A,B & C diplomas.

  • Health * Slowing down and self-care

    • Mental health
  • Taking care of a cat Food & Cooking

I think I can make a reasonably decent meal out of many of these without having to look at a recipe while making-do in case of missing ingredients.

  • Pasta * Creamy Mushroom Pasta

    • Aglio olio
    • Cacio e Pepe
  • Mushroom Risotto

  • Fried rice with mushrooms

  • Fried noodles/Chow mein (with mushrooms)

  • Chinese Noodles

  • Palak paneer (the hand blender way)

  • Spice blends * Blending spice mixes for palak paneer & paneer butter masala

  • Soups * Bell pepper soup

    • Tomato soup

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