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Inverted Snakes

17 Oct 2012

Everyone has played classic snake, be it on mobile, online, gameboy, whatever. If you have not, drop everything, I mean everything, including your heartbeat if possible and get on and play it.

Invertes snakes is a Javascript/Canvas implementation of Classic Snake with a twist - There are 2 snakes Red and Blue - You only control one snake, the 2nd one just mirrors your movement. The food for snakes alternate between Red & Blue, each snake only eats its colored food.

Rules are simple

  • You don’t die by crashing. You die on timeout
  • Red snake eats red food. Blue Snake eats Blue Food.
  • You always control RED snake.
  • You start with 30 seconds
  • Food gets you +10 seconds & +100 points.
  • Post your scores in the comments below :) Demo & Javascript Source

Note: Some of Chrome’s plugins may cause to not star the game. Try playing the game in another browser or disable your plugins.

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