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Empty-Vessel. Pencil sketch

Let me introduce to you the another class of so called humans known as - Attention craving zombies! They belong to an advanced generation of “Empty Vessels” species of viruses, which originally known to have originated in relation to solid empty objects mostly metals for making lot of noise, crept into human bodies. This condition is due to an infection, known as “emptyvesselism”. This like a disease manifests itself inside the entire human body, but in all cases it resides inside the human head. Hosting itself inside the head logically makes sense, as the skull has the most vessel like structure

As technology has evolved to allow the humans via their brains and hands to communicate over the internet, the virus emptyvesselism has evolved to develop a new digital form, more like a sister-virus. It has to be in contact with its parent being at all times to exhibit active intelligence. But it also shows surprising amount of persistence through autonomous existence in form of noise data when it is out of contact with its parent virus, for example when the host is sleeping or dead. And it hasn’t stopped with the human brain and mouth, it has taken over the Internet too. Since actual vocal noise takes up lot of bandwidth it takes the form of textual noise data which takes way way less space, makes sense. Looks like a pretty intelligent virus, doesn’t it?.

[1] This also makes me suspect if the human skull allegedly known to have been made up of bone or more specifically calcium is indeed made up of pure metal, and the brain just another form of emptiness to fill it. This needs further philosophical investigation.

The virus whilst keeping its victim by inducing a trance-like state by making them crave attention like zombies and giving it to them. They loose a sense of the world, reality, and start to embrace it as a part of life, until it becomes their life, a life which seems is only liked by people who are also infected with it. The usual effects of any virus is mostly biological, but emptyvesselism, its psychological (leading to biological), sociological, economical eventually leading to biological side effects. And the technological residue it leaves behind is capable of exiting more viruses to grow in.

Clinical pathology of the virus also reveals that it exhibits a progress structure similar to that of common viruses, like aids, cancer, etc, but in vastly different fashion and pertains to the psyche of the victim. Its quantified via the factor “coefficient of emptyvesselism” or simply zombicity(read: zohhm-bi-ci-ty). Emptyvesselism in its internet form is measured by the term tzombicity (read: zzohhm-bi-ci-ty). The value of the factor as preferred by most humans is a word which a combination of a synonym to word “psyho” and from the Oxford dictionary of Profanity.

Even though there are many methods to cure a person of this disease, the most effective way is through Self-Realization, which is known through observation to happen just before the the active-psyche is annihilated by the infected-psyche. This happens only if the active-psyche earlier had - a self realized purpose, a purpose by defined others, a dream or a goal in life.

The virus can also be neutralized by extreme levels of determination, which in many cases causes agitation amongst other victims and they might try break it. Ones the person has come out of it, they may choose to be entirely disconnected or still stay in contact with the virus yet have no side-effects as they seem to exhibit extreme levels of immunity. But as with any disease, higher the zombicity, more difficult it is to cure.

[2] Presence of this virus is very much apparent in many Internet services, prominent among them is Twitter, where people just try to chatter in bursts adding only noise but no value in the name of making friends with unknown people. What they don’t know is that they are retarded, as their so-called-friend is also infected with emptyvesselism.

Another popular place for these zombies to get together is Facebook where one can create, add and share noise amongst the comfortable bounds of (so-called-)friendships, and it can get more rapidly spread here.

Some purists may classify blogging as form of emptyvesselism too, but rehabilitated veterans claim that in many cases it has always been an informative side-effect. But all good-ish-side-effects are not entirely good. There is noise too, in the form of though usually infrequent but an extended burst of words.


[1] Logical inference(s) for the insane.

[2] The naked eye observable conclusion(s) for the sane.

(Credit: Pencil sketch version by me, of a painting by allie push)

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