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Bugs to fix, Bugs to swat

A little poetic dedication to all my fellow developers who share the plight of being unreportedly haressed by QA & Testing teams without pity! This was written in those very moments.

bugs to fix
    and bugs to swat
making life hell are qa's
    who seem good at that
oh i envy
    those testing people
for they get paid
    to cause hell & trouble
they show no mercy
    even for bugs so small
that i'd rather kill someone
    than sit to fix them all
i gather my courage
    and sit to fix it off
but before i get
    my share of pat
    for the bug i just swat
like a villain to ruin it all
    with more reports,
    they just come back
makes me wonder
    why won't they die
    oh why won't they die
or i will kill them
    untill i die
damn these dinosours
    of my life

*[QA]: Quality Assurance